About Librethic

Librethic is a Services Company aiming at businesses, organizations and individuals, offering services in free/libre and open source software (FLOSS) and open design technologies. Founded in 2017, Librethic is driven by free and open source technologies seasoned professionals.

Librethic ?

Our logo (courtesy of DF) :

  • Libre software can square the circle ;
  • Integration and development process is "soft" and "streamlined" (sinusoid) ;
  • Libre software connects in an elegant way what seems incompatible...


The name Librethic is due to our willingness to use open and Libre technologies, in an approach combining transparency, modernity and fraternity. Our activity’s engine is our faith in a better future for all individuals and communities forming human society.

Free Software, technologies and open formats based ITs brought us a culture of benevolence, that expresses trough Fair Price for the Best Effort.

Technological Benefits

  • Having access to source code ensures security, adaptability and confidence in the different software we use and deploy ;
  • Utilizing open formats and standards ensures interoperability, and sustainability of tools, of our data, of your data.


We are based in Montpellier (south France), we can offer our solutions and expertise all over France and beyond.

Our Head Office is hosted at SCIC La Tendresse, a cooperative gathering social and solidarity economy organizations, in cultural and technique fields, around common values.