Technical assistance and support

At Librethic’s, assistance, technical support, development and outsourcing services are bound in a single contract, for more simplicity, agility and efficience.

One contract, a multitude of services

A monthly subscription gives you access to our technical support platform, our development tools and outsourcing skills. We commit ourselves onto availability while you choose the service level according to your needs and expectations.

One we had the pleasure to welcome you amoung our new customers, we can intervene on different aspects of your IT system. The time needed to service is accounted in your time-basket which you’ll have supply, if needed, for us to take action without disturbing you.

At Librethic’s, regardless of which skill is needed, there is always a human being at work. From this point, there is no pricing difference between an hour of development and an hour of project management or user support. You pay the fair price for the actual time spent to improve your activity.